Fresh Fruit for Rotting Eyeballs - Fortified Films
Director, writer, producer and editor for the one hour documentary about the legendary puck rock band Dead Kennedys first album.

In God We Trust Inc., The Lost Tapes - Fortified Films
Director, writer, producer and editor for the documentary about the legendary puck rock band Dead Kennedys first EP In God We Trust Inc. The video and the music are from what was thought to be a lost audio recording.

Vintage Tomorrows - Porter Panther
Cinematographer for the San Francisco area parts of the award winning Steam Punk documentary that appeared in numerous film festivals and on Netflix.

I Know What I Saw - History Channel
Primary cinematographer for James Fox’s award winning UFO documentary that aired first on the History Channel and then Netflix.

Food Fight - November Films
Gaffer for the interviews and B-Roll shot in Northern California. We interviewed most all of the seminal people involved in the California Food movement. Numerous film Festivals and Netflix. 

Beyond Tomorrow - Discovery Channel
Director of Photography for a series of profiles of innovators in various scientific fields.

Blue Angels 50th Anniversary Special - Disney Channel
Director of Photography for the Northern California parts of the celebration of the famous U.S. Navy flight team.

John Cage Talks About Cows 6 one/seven - Director Chris Felver
Director of Photography for the last San Francisco appearance of legendary composer John Cage.

Joe Louis Walker “Live at the On Broadway” - Blues Express
Director and Producer of the live performance and interview documentary. I also designed the graphics and DVD interface as well.

Todd Rundgren Retrospective - Todd Rundgren
Producer and editor of a two hour special highlighting Todd Rundgren’s innovative use of video and imagery with his music. This debuted at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

We Should Talk - Fortified Films
Director, producer and editor for the NATO and Dutch government funded film about a program that was designed to aid Lithuania in it’s transition to a democracy. Aired on NOS in Holland and LTV in Lithuania.

Red Fall - Fortified Films
Director, producer, and editor for a documentary that examined the negotiations between the Baltic States and the Soviet Union and a NATO funded project attempting to aid the negotiation process.

The Juan Marichal Story - Dominican Television
Director of Photography for the US parts of the San Francisco Giants hall of fame pitcher Juan Marichal. Interviews include Barry Bonds, Willie McCovey and Willie Mays.

Rodeo Dog - Rebecca Hynes Director
I shot most of the interviews and a lot of B-Roll in this wonderful short film about a tight knit Oregon rodeo family. This short won multiple awards and was in a bunch of film festivals.

The Man With the Tilted Hat - Flea Circus films
This is another great short I shot for. It profiles the amazing Zvi Dannenberg a 90+ year old man and his quest to climb millions of stairs.

Select Broadcast Credits

Numerous Interviews and show camera operator for BloombergWest for one year. ENG Interviews with Eric Schmidt, Meg Whitman, Sergey Brin, and Alan Greenspan and many more. 

Cold Pizza, National football segments with current and former San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders athletes and coaches.

ABC News
Shot numerous interviews including chef Alice Waters, Gavin Newsom, and Willie Brown.

DP for a Charlie Rose episode with Marissa Meyer. Cinematographer for several bay area episodes of This Old House.

Segments for Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Tonight, Lou Dobbs Tonight Shot numerous segments for the Fox NFL Sunday show.

Fox Sports
Shot numerous segments for the Fox NFL Sunday show. 

Fox News
Shot numerous segments and interviews including with then President George W. Bush, Howard Dean, Arianna Huffington.

Interview segments for “9/11 Conspiracy” documentary and Twofour TV’s show on the Phantom Brain which included an interview with author V.S. Ramachandran.

Interview of Reverend Jesse Jackson and actor activist Mike Farrell for the German TV network about their efforts to save death row inmate Kevin Cooper.

Numerous interviews and segments for the network including MSNBC Live, Hard Ball with Chris Matthews primarily focused on Silicon Valley news.

Numerous interviews and segments for the network including Power Lunch,The Edge and The Kudlow Report primarily focused on Silicon Valley news.

Food Network
Shot numerous segments for Top 5, Good Eats and more. I love food shoots these are usually fun.

NFL Network
Director of Photography of a profile of football coach Jim Harbaugh. This segment was a part of a biopic about his coaching family.

Other Networks etc...
ABC Greg Behrendt reality show, Extra “biggest Loser” interviews, EA Sports “Who’s Got Game”, NBC “Hit M Baby One More Time”, ABC News World News Tonight, Business Now, CBS Marketwatch, Court TV, Tech TV, Reuters, VH-1, MTV, TLC CMT, Oprah segment, C-Span, Larry King Live, American Idol, RTL. ARD, Canal +, and probably some I am forgetting.

Agencies and PR Firms

Weber Shandwick - A fun shoot for Edge deodorant with Warriors star Steph Curry
Thirty Stone - shot several videos for Nike
The Great Society - Tons of projects for Brooks running shoes and Sartori Cheese
Johnson Sheen - Shot 12 Commercials for the Tonkin Dealership Group in Portland, Ore.
Slanted Light - shot several videos for Nike
Sockeye - Research and interviews for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.
Hoffman Lewis - A profile of the artist residencies in the Marin headlands.
Buder Engel - Dash and Pop Chip promotional pieces
Group X - Several Google shoots and Coca-Cola too.
TBWA/Chiat Day - Directed 3 commercials for Nissan Sales events
The Outcast Agency - Shot several interviews with their client Intuit
• Becker Media - Shot 5 Cash 1 Commercials