The Journey and the Destination

I am an Artist/Filmmaker living in Oakland, California.


I am a Director, Producer and Cinematographer. My work has appeared on most of the world's major networks, streaming channels and of course numerous websites. I shot for broadcast television for many years. The bulk of those projects were segments for network news, cable channels and documentaries. I've been primarily focusing on high-end corporate and documentary projects for the last few years. I have finished four of my own documentaries, and I am always planning my next film. My varied experience and extensive production background is of great value to most any project.

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The Art in Me

The creative process is my life's blood. As an artist, I am always exploring my personal vision. For many years I have been carrying around sketchbooks capturing my thoughts, musings and emotions. I fill these books with my observations, souvenirs from a day, ticket stubs, small flyers, snippets of random conversations and drawings that reflect my conscious and unconscious experiences. I am a deeply emotional visual artist. Much of my time is spent capturing human experience and framing it in some sort of setting, often in a rectangle: motion and still cameras, canvas surfaces, acid free paper and even tiny colored post-it notes. My favorite images are textured, nuanced and filled with contrasting opposites showing the ever changing imbalance and harmony we all experience everyday. I spent a lot of my artistic life exploring what I conceived of as a hyper-realism, highlighting something exaggerated so as to put an emphasis on a particular aspect or emotion of a piece. Real art has a truth in it that transcends yet embraces our spirit somehow.

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Some personal stuff

I grew up in a small town in Northern California. It was perfect, idyllic. I'm very lucky to have grown up there and formed some life long friendships with those kids (now adults). My early years were spent skateboarding, playing rugby (which I continued through and beyond college), going to live shows, playing music and traveling. Now I travel mostly for work, love to cook, taste new foods, lift weights, do CrossFit, run trails, go to live shows, visit art museums, expand my sizable record collection and spend time with my friends and family. Also, if you are foolish enough to challenge me at Scrabble – be prepared to lose.