The International Boulevard project is a sub-project to the greater payphone project. During a month and a half time period from late May to mid-July 2019 I went to International Boulevard ( formerly East 14th Street ) and began coverage of all the payphones along it’s 107 block stretch. I found 26 payphones none of which were operational. During the numerous photo sessions I met a bunch of interesting people and found a bunch of inspirational things along the way.

This mockup is essentially a draft of the final project which I envision as an exhibition and accompanying photo book. Imagine these images larger for both the prints and book. Each phone covered in the project will recieve two pages in the book with the exception of the payphones at 506 International which will have a small case study section in the book that will highlight the payphone but also a bit about my thought process that occurs while I am shooting the phone and interacting with it in the post production phase. The other payphones with additional coverage are the two payphones at 8433 International that had a profound change during the time of shooting. One graffiti crew covered the work of a previous group and changed the color scheme from yellow to red- actually pretty exciting to capture. Another profound change was the removal of the payphone at 5337 International during the period I was shooting this project. I just so happened to go by on the day that it was being taken down. I was able to talk to the foreman of the crew and now that payphone is in my backyard.

Things still to finish for the book:

Front and back cover, Introduction pages at the beginning, contact and credits pages, inside back cover page(s), and case study of the 506 International payphone. These are all things we can discuss.

A couple of production notes: I had to reduce the size of the images significantly to get both pages into the websites carousel. The images are capable of being much larger. Also I have not done the final color correction for the images yet.

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