Short Films

Here are some short vides I’ve done in the past. They are mostly just art for art’s sake.


Subjective Myopia

This is a montage of images I shot at Oakland's art walk called Art Murmur. This is a great event that happens the first Friday of every month. Every time I go I marvel at the folks who attend. It's one of my favorite people watching places ever. The epicenter is 23rd and Telegraph and is absolutely stuffed with hipsters, artists, connivers and folks of almost every ilk. Look for the cameo of Boots Riley.


No Politics Here

Here's a short film I made Memorial Day weekend 2012. I shot this with the intent of honoring those who gave their life in war. This isn't political. It's just my acknowledgement of the sacrifice they made- willingly or not. Music is by Brian Eno. The song is called Drift. You can find it on iTunes on his Apollo: Atmosperes & Soundtracks Album.


Feature 3

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